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WCTA August Minutes

WCTA August Meeting
Present:  Hannah Flor; Matt Metzdorff; Hugh Chester-Jones; Mike O’Neil; Margaret Flor; Mark Denn
·        Programming committee
    • Junior Team Tennis – Successful program with 28 kids involved.
o   4-Seasons Tournament – Due to schedules and limited board member time available, this tournament did not get off the ground this year.  We will discuss how we want to move forward with tournament(s) at future meeting.
o   Adult Tennis League – Adult Drop-in Tennis with 4-8 people showing up on a regular basis.
o   Cardio Tennis – not enough interest this year.
  • Treasurer’s Report - $1232.93 in the account.  One outstanding check to pay for Kwik Trip car wash cards, for $600.  Forty-eight bottles of water purchased for JTT, by Prairie Dental Arts for $48.  $140 check from Prairie Dental Arts for 4 Kwik Trip car wash cards.  Margaret asked to buy 2 more cases of water, and Hugh asked to buy the last case of water. 
  • Fundraising
    • Kwik Trip cards – 2 cards available.  Group agreed that we would do a minimum of three selling
    • Board agreed to sponsoring back 75% of fundraiser profits to the team, when they sells for the WCTA.
·        New Board Members needed
o   New Board Members needed – Mark contacted Lewers (Dave Lewer has committed).  Margaret has contacted a few potential members, as well. Mark to contact Taylor Nelson and Jacob Denn to see if they are interested in joining for a year.
o   Current members, start and end dates
1.      Margaret Flor              2008 - Sept. 2011          (initially a 2yr. term)   
2.      Jon Huttemier             2008 - Sept. 2011          (initially a 3yr. term)
3.      Tricia Mercier              2008 - Sept. 2011          (initially a 3yr. term)
4.      Mark Denn                   2008 - Sept. 2011          (initially a 3yr. term)   
5.      Hugh Chester-Jones     2010 - Sept. 2012          2 year term
6.      Mike O’Neil                  2010 - Sept. 2012          2 year term
7.      Matt Metzdorff             2010-2011                     Student Rep
8.      Hannah Flor                2010-2011                     Student Rep
·        WCTA presentation at Rotary on Thursday, August 11.  Tricia and Mark to present.  Margaret provided many photos to use for presentation.
·        E-mail – Mike O’Neil set up an e-mail account for the WCTA to use.  As these notes will be placed out on our web-site, please ask Mike or Mark for password.
·        Request for Funds:  Hannah Flor requested, on behalf of Girls Tennis Team, for $400, to off-set the initial set-up fee for Bluejay tennis logo.  Board agreed to sponsor back up to 75% of profit from Kwik-Trip card fundraiser.  (Since this meeting Hannah did submit a formal request…see below). 
·        Student Representatives – this was the last meeting for Matt Metzdorff and Hannah Flor.  On behalf of the WCTA, thank you very much for your service to our group.  Your feedback and participation was very appreciated.  Feel free to continue to work with our group if you have any suggestions!